Programmatic user registration and login

Use case: Your application has its own user management. You would like to use the Rentablo API without requiring users to login into another application.

Solution: Create a user account and log in programmatically

  1. Your application backend will create a Rentablo user account using API endpoint /v1/signup. We recommend using the existing users email address and a generated password. Alternatively, a random email address may be created. We recommend for user creation. Note: We will shortly update our API to auto-generate random user credentials.
  2. Securely store the generated credentials on your side. Please make sure that the credentials are stored encrypted.
  3. In order to use the API, your application backend must request an authentication token via endpoint /v1/login. If you plan to keep access to the Rentablo API in your backend, then just use the stored user credentials. In case you would like to access the Rentablo API from your application frontend, your application backend must provided a dedicated endpoint for token generation. This can be something simple like /yourApi/getRentabloApiToken. Your endpoint must verify the logged in user and will then use the stored Rentablo API credentials to obtain a valid authentication token. This token is then forwarded to your application frontend.

A visual description of the initial user creation process:

A visual description of the API token exchange process: